Process requirements for the fuel treatment plant

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Students are required to understand the process requirements for the fuel treatment plant described below and develop an instrumentation and control for this plant. Please ensure that requirements of measuring instruments for the fuel treatment plant, variable speed pumps, valves and signal transmission system are covered at a miniimim, more detailed aspects and other aspects may be omitted for this discussion.

Process Plant Description (Fuel Treatment Plant):

- The schematic shows a simplified Fuel treatment plant for power generation facility. The fuel treatment plant provides fuel for power plant which operates on Heavy Fuel Oil (FO) , also referred to as Furnace oil. The Furnace oil has a high viscosity that it does not flow easily at ambient temperature, so all parts of the fuel system needs to be heated appropriately to ensure that fuel oil flows. The Heavy Fuel oil also contains impurities and contaminants that needs to be removed prior to providing the FO to the power generation engine. Diesel Oil is generally used at start of the cycle and prior to shutdown to flush the system and prevent FO remaining in the pipes and components since it starts clogging at ambient temperature.

- The Fuel oil is unloaded from the tankers and stored in the Storage tank. The fuel oil is then pmnped to the smaller Fuel day tank for daily use.

- The Fuel from the Day tank is pmnped by the FO pre pressure unit to the Fuel Separator where it gets cleaned by centrifugal filtering process and sent to the circulating module. The Pre pressure unit is provided with Thermal oil for heating the fuel oil to ensure that it flows at the required rate

- The FO circulating module monitors and controls the viscosity of the fuel oil with the help of the Thermal oil provided for heating. It contains a mixing tank where the FO and Diesel oil are selected based on requirement and sent to the Power Generation Engine

- The waste oil from the Separator and power generation engine are sent to the Leak oil tank

- Commercially available FO ranges in viscosity from 180-750 centistokes and the plant should be capable of handling that range of fuel

- The Power Generation Engine requires the supply of Fuel oil at the appropriate viscosity, usually 80-100 centistokes which is determined by the temperature of the fuel oil

- The proper circulation of the fuel and cleaning of the fuel depends on the pressure developed by the pumps and FO modules, while energy optimization requirements require efficient running of the pumps to meet varying demand of the power generation engine

- The pressure drop across modules needs to be monitored since these are equipped with filters and other devices that clog over time and require cleaning

- The fuel oil supply also needs to be monitored for flow since the generation of electric power per unit mass of the fuel is a critical parameter that is monitored on a constant basis

- The Level of the tanks need to be monitored to ensure sufficient supply of fuel for the daily needs as well as scheduling of the fuel tankers

- The heating of the FO modules and FO tanks are provided by thermal oil, while pipe heat tracing is by electrical means

- The control room is to be located about 300m from the power plant and it is configured to accept all type of field level communication inputs

- The Fuel Oil required by the Power Generation Engine is in the range of 1500 kg/hr to 4000 kgihr (full Load operation)

- The temperature of the fuel oil in the tanks is in the range of 60-80 C, while in the modules it can go up to 2.50-300 C

- The pressure developed by the pumps are in the range of 5 kg/cm to 15 kg icm2

- The FO day tank capacity is to be sufficient for 30 hours of full load operation of the power generation engine while the Storage tank capacity if for 5-7 days of full load operation

- The temperature of Thermal oil ranges from 150 C to 350 C DIRE CTIONS:

Compile a Project report within 4000 words (excluding figures and tables). When compiling your report, we recommend that you read the suggestions listed below in Dot Point and implement this into your report


- Analyse the process requirements and summarise the different measurement needs- Level, Flow, Pressure and Temperature of the given process_ Outline the basic control philosophy for the process to achieve the critical process objectives_ State your assumptions of the requirements of the measuring system for different process characteristics, instrument monitoring and control system and the regulatory requirements for the process. Compile an updated PFD for the plant

- Apply the knowledge gained from measuring instruments, Signal transmission, controls, variable speed pumps, control valves and further study of the available literature -to select the appropriate measurement devices for the process needs identified by you, with a brief justification of their features, and identify suitable combination of pumps and valves for optimal control of the process flow Highlight the measures to integrate the measurement devices and components to main control system and provide the signals in the required format for the control system, and list any challenges to achieving the required quality, control philosophy or consistent and timely plant data Explain the Control System selected for the plant and the associated integration with the business system_
- Evaluate and recommend the final set of devices and control system for the given process based on the merits and process requirements. Provide the list of devices in the form of a simple instrument index for the project and draw P8z1D(s) to demonstrate understanding of the instrumentation system, listing instruments used for the plant Denote the instruments in the figures as per the Instrumentation standards ISA 5.1
- List brief guidelines for factory tests, site tests and pre-commissioning checks and required Calibration and Safety audits.
- Outline in brief the steps to commission these instruments and the control system prior to commissioning the process plant List the Documentation needs- Drawings, Index, Data Sheets, Calibration certificates, Audit reports and operating procedures.
- List any enhancements that may be required in the instrumentation system in the next 2-3 years to adapt to the remote monitoring requirements and other industry trends, as well as any upcoming regulatory changes

Reference no: EM131278154

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4000 project report covering suggestion items and implement them in report. Industrial Automation & Instrumentation Fuel treatment plant case studyList any enhancements that may be required in the instrumentation system in the next 2-3 years to adapt to the remote monitoring requirements and other industry trends, as well as any upcoming regulatory changes

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