Process of global logistics and total quality management

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You are required to critically examine the complex processes of global logistics and to evaluate the principles of Total Quality Management (TQM) to supply chain.

The study will concentrate on a specific case study organisation, namely Tesco PLC. Students must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the processes as applicable to global logistics. They will be expected to critically analyse the case study (Tesco PLC) environment in relation to the application of the processes and their management of logistics within the retail sector. All elements of logistics as they apply to the case study must be included e.g. demand/forecasting, inventory, transport, customer services, distribution, procurement, strategic planning, risk etc.

You must also develop an individual theme for deeper application and analysis based on the application of Total

Quality Management (TQM) within the case study (Tesco PLC). The individual theme, while relevant to TQM with the case study (Tesco PLC), may be any area of supply chain that is of particular interest to the individual student.


The Harvard Referencing system must be used when quoting or referencing any words, information, ideas, or opinions of others.

Referenced material should use the Harvard Referencing System.


The solution file contains the MS word document with 4630 Words count solution. It contains " Process of Global Logistics and Total Quality Management "Case with Tesco PLC".

Table of Contents of Report given below

1. Introduction 3

2. Evolution and Development of Total Quality Management (TQM) 4

2.1 Total Quality Management (TQM) in UK retail industry 5

3. TQM techniques adopted by Tesco PLC to achieve effective and efficient SCM strategies 7

3.1 TQM (Total Quality Management) and SCM (Supply Chain Management) objectives of Tesco 8

3.2 Quality improvement strategies adopted by Tesco 10

4. Quality Control measures adopted by Tesco against TQM and SCM 11

4.1 Testing Standards 11

4.2 Speed in delivery 12

4.3 Communication Strategies 12

4.4 Effective Human Resource Management (HRM) 13

5. Conclusion 13

References 14

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Reference no: EM13739385

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