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The process of employee recruitment and selection can be very challenging for Human Resources professionals. The HR representatives are the forefront of an organizations success.

The HR department of a business typically faces several challenges in recruiting new employees. A business's ability to overcome these challenges is dependent on several factors including the economy, the competence and commitment of the recruiter and the attractiveness of the company to new employees

Recruitment and retention of the correct number of quali?ed staff is very high on the list. Everyone knows there is a big nursing shortfall, but there is a need for highly qualified individuals all around. Due to the rapid growth of the healthcare sector and its sheer size, it is a challenge to fill jobs. And despite this need, there are obvious pressures for cost containment with people accounting for the lion's share of an organization's costs.

Because of that, there is a pressure to make the HR organization world class, or at least strive to be better. As a result, it has become an imperative to employ better processes and technologies to overcome the challenges - talent management, workforce planning and scheduling, self-service applications, business intelligence, etc.

Compliance with new standards is another key issue.

Lastly, keeping up with the technological change is an issue for healthcare staff. Advances in technology require continual training and career development for employees to remain effective and maintain standards of care.

Law Challenges

Negligent hiring lawsuits have increased in the last two decades and employers have been forced to respond to them. Not being in the know about the latest hiring rules and regulations has never been so costly.

On paper, recruiting a new employee might appear to be a simple process. Post the position on a job portal, request resumes, select a few who fit the bill, invite them for an interview, shortlist a few, check references, and finally present the offer letter to one-or more depending on the number of vacancies. Sounds simple enough right? In reality it is anything but simple.

It is an extremely complex process, and every step of the way you need to be aware of certain legal implications. Even the questions that you ask during an interview need to be carefully considered, lest they be considered discriminatory. Every step mentioned above needs to adhere to legal requirements. Failing to do so can swiftly land you in a legal mess. Let's start at the top and examine six key legal issues a recruiter needs to be wary of during recruitment and selection. Please note that I am not a lawyer, but rather a concerned HR professional who wants to prevent her peers from making unnecessary mistakes. When in doubt, please consult a lawyer.

Reference no: EM131099828

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