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Provide a 2-5 sentence summary on the discussion thread of the following:

1. Your best and worst financial decision

2. What was different about your thought process for these two decision

3. How these differences lead to such different result

4. What lessons you've learned that you will apply to financial decisions

5. A similar lesson you've learned regarding finances and how you came to learn it

Reference no: EM131273031

State children health insurance program

The State Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is implemented separately by each state. Use the Internet to research CHIP funding in your state. Be prepared to discuss

Explain the popularity of merger

The Computer world has definitely changed the landscape for teams. Explain how do you think the proliferation of social media impacts team interdependence? Does it enable or

Discuss your instructor the workplace problem that you have

Discuss with your instructor the workplace problem that you have identified. Make sure you choose a relatively weighty problem that can nevertheless be lessened or eliminated

Epistemology of possession perspective

Task 2: "Product, process and organizational innovation are socially and politically mediated processes". Please explain what this statement might mean for managers working

Discuss the distinguishing features

1. Discuss the distinguishing features (Market size, Market growth rate, Industry strength, etc.) of the industry.2. Discuss the competition within the industry. Who are the m

Describe organization and change to which it is responding

Describe the organization and the change to which it is responding. Discuss the degree to which the change has been disruptive and how the organization has responded to

Huge number of individuals and firms

There are a huge number of individuals and firms who are out there selling their organizational development services. Take a look at videos and/or webpages of OD consultants

Plant manager for a manufacturing company

You are a plant manager for a manufacturing company. For years, the firm's low-wage workers have complained about their pay and general working conditions. They have present


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