Problems prospectus ofagriculturein begusarai district

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Write a Dissertation Project work Problems & Prospectus of agriculture in begusarai district

It contains following points:-


Geographical features

Administrative structure

Demographic feature

Natural Water sources

Sources of Livelihood


Begusarai : Geography and Geology

Block wise crop wise acreages of major crops

Agricultural Produce

Fruits and Vegetables

Problems of agriculture

There are many problems of agricultures in begusarai districts

  • Problem of Land Tenure
  • Problems of Basic Amenities
  • Problems of Finance or Poor Financing
  • Poor Transportation
  • Poor Communication
  • Problems of Good Storage and Processing Facilities
  • Lack of Good Agricultural education
  • Poor Extension Activities
  • Poor Tools and Farm Machines
  • Unstable Policies and Programmes of Government
  • Pest and Diseases
  • Unpredictable Climate
  • Agricultural Inputs
  • Sociological and Psychological Attitude Towards Farming
  • Smuggling

Summary:-The critical issues that plague Indian agriculture at present are the knowledge deficit and infrastructure deficit, especially in the rural areas. Problems related to irrigation infrastructure, market infrastructure and transport infrastructure add cost to farmers' operations. Another issue is lack of delivery mechanisms. Inadequate government support arises the problems Indian agriculture. There is a no improvement in institutions for sustainable agriculture .institutions for land and water management, institutions for input supplies, Institutions for marketing and decentralization to local councils are not provided. As agriculture is subjected to high risks because of the volatile nature of the factors involved, it leads to problems. Lack of resources and the absence of adequate incentive structures have led to the break-down of extension services in most states. Creating new institutional arrangements with the hope that it will deliver results is quite common in the context of Indian agriculture. But it is seen that such arrangements often fail to create any tangible impact. The quantum of flow of financial resources to agriculture continues to be inadequate.

Solutions of Agricultural problems Begusarai districts

Solution Detail:-

  1. Mechanization Of Agriculture 
  2. Agriculture Education
  3. Advancement Of Organic Agriculture
  4. Support of large and small scale Irrigation schemes
  5. Provisionofpestcontrolandother
  6. Provision of fertilizer
  7. Provision of loans to farmers
  8. Funding
  9. Useful agriculture chemicals
  10. Provision of accessible Road and good transport systems

Drainage around kawar tal

Geology and Soil

Agri Warehousing and Cold storages - Begusarai

Reference no: EM131091132

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