Problems challenging the united states today
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Wicked Problems Today

Immigration, homelessness, health care, and climate changes are some of the problems challenging the United States today

Analyze how those four major issues, are considered wicked problems?


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challenging the United Statestoday. The economic expansion, social exchanges, and international travel created diversity and led to increased in values and ideologies (Head and Alfrod, 2013, p. 715). These authors say that “social problems are ill defined and rely on political judgments rather than scientific certitudes [and] most major public policy problems are wicked” (p. 714). This paper will analyze how those four major issues, mentioned earlier, are considered wicked problems as suggested by Rittel and Webber.

Similarly, the article by Rittel and Webber was written in 1973 and during this time three main events occurred: Roe v Wade ruling, Watergate scandal and the end of the Vietnam war. Things have not changed since then;the abortion debate is still relevant today. The new President, Donald Trump, has signed an executive order to decreased funding for organizations that promote abortion overseas. Likewise, wars are still a public problem today, currently there is war in Syria in an effort to eliminateIsis, a terrorist group.In recent years, there are still political scandals like the criticism President George Bush received for the delay in response that was provided during HurricaneKatrina (Head and Alfrod, 2013, p. 714).

The authors state that planning is a component of politics (Rittel and Webber, 1973, p. 169). Likewise, Head and Alfrod (2013), state that during the 1970s some “political leaders were attempting to reduce the overloaded role of government to address a wide range of major issues” (p. 714). During that time the political leaders advocated for the communities and individuals to create regulations to solve their problems. However, today political leaders are taking the initiative to address complex problems (p. 714-175). It is also important to note that the information these leaders obtain is limited and incomplete. Likewise, the solutions to those public problems may take long to be achieved. Moreover, these authors argue that one of the causes of a wicked problem is limited knowledge and disagreement among the stakeholders.

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