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You have just been hired by Greg's Goofy Gadgets. You are an IT professional, and you are tasked solely with fixing computers for the company. The position is temporary-it is a 6-month contract. You will be paid $14.00 per hour, and taxes will not be withheld; you will be responsible for paying them on your own. The company has provided you with a computer to use while you are on the job, and it also hired 2 students on college break to work under you for the duration of the project; you will be considered their manager. Discuss whether you will be considered an independent contractor. 

Be sure to answer the following questions to defend your position:

  • What are the factors the court looks at in determining whether a person is an independent contractor?
  • Are you an agent of the company? What constitutes an agent?

Reference no: EM13741496

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