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Darcy borrowed $4,000 in 2007 from her employer to purchase a new computer. She repays $1,000 of the loan plus 6% interest on the unpaid balance in 2007, 2008, and 2009. After closing a big deal in 2010, she receives the original loan agreement stamped ‘‘paid in full'' across the face. Does Darcy have to recognize any income from the cancellation of the loan in 2010? Explain.

Reference no: EM13991702

What factors negatively contributed to group performance

Analyze the group in terms of the nine situational factors that influence team development. What factors positively contributed to group performance? What factors negatively

The wbfk transport company

The WBFK Transport Company operates throughout mainland Australia. The company specialize in fast delivery of pallet-loads of goods from one WBFK depot to another WBFK depot.

Discuss the kinds of problem that would be encountered

The Sotho word, Gauteng, translates into English as ‘place of gold'.- Discuss the kinds of problem that would be encountered in segmentation research in South African markets.

Draw the network diagram

Draw the network diagram. Show the early start, early finish, late start, and late finish times. Show the critical path. Suppose you have the option of shorting any or all of

Find the spectrum of the signal

Find the spectrum of the signal s(t) that results from the use of natural sampling; you may assume that time t = 0 corresponds to the midpoint of a rectangular pulse in c(t)

Consulting plan and recommendations

Establish structure within the department to clarify chain of command and set responsibilities for project tasks and prepare computer program to aid as a management tool in pr

Describe the key fundamentals of systems theory

This is a succinct literature review of systems theory. At least 4 references sources must be referenced (including Hamilton). The Chicago method of referencing must be used

Did notoriety of case have teaching effect on all employers

Did the notoriety of this case have a "teaching effect" on all employers that harassment and retaliation should not be tolerated because it is harmful to victims and costly


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