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The "flying car" is a ride at an amusement park which consists of a car having wheels that roll along a track mounted inside a rotating drum. By design the car cannot fall off the track, however motion of the car is developed by applying the car's brake, thereby gripping the car to the track and allowing it to move with a constant speed of the track, vt = 3 m>s. If the rider applies the brake when going from to and then releases it at the top of the drum, A, so that the car coasts freely down along the track to (u = p rad), determine the speed of the car at and the normal reaction which the drum exerts on the car at B. Neglect friction during the motion from to B. The rider and car have a total mass of 250 kg and the center of mass of the car and rider moves along a circular path having a radius of 8 m.

Reference no: EM13948847

Water is the working fluid in a rankine cycle

Water is the working fluid in a Rankine cycle. Superheated vapor enters the turbine 10MPa, 480 celcius, and the condenser pressure is 6kPa. The turbine and pump have isentropi

Calculate the volumetric efficiency when the piston speed

A naturally-aspirated, direct-injection, four-stroke diesel engine has a total displacement volume of 10L, 125 mm bore and 16.3:1 compression ratio. The engine produces a maxi

Let us approximate the diving board as a clamped-free beam

The MIT varsity diving team is practicing their back flips on the Z-center's diving boards.The diving boards have a total length of 3 m, width of 0.5 m, and thickness of 0.1 m

List and explain three process parameters

h injection molding was portions of the part not filling. List and explain three process parameters that may aid in the correction of this error. What other errors might adj

Determine the plate temperature after two minutes of cooling

A metal plate (k = 180 w/(m*k), p = 2800 kg/m^3, cp = 880 J/(kg*k)) with a thickness of 1 cm is being cooled by air at 5 degrees C with a convection heat transfer coefficient

What is the tensile stress st in the wire abc

A steel wire ABC supporting a lamp at its midpoint is attached to supports that are 1.5 m apart (see figure). The length of the wire is 1.8 m and its diameter is 0.5 mm.

Calculate the voltage at each node

Figure 2.15 shows a direct current circuit. The voltage at the output terminals are also shown in Figure 2.15. Calculate the voltage at each node and the current in each of

The final temperature

1. Water vapour at 90kPa and 150°C enters a subsonic diffuser with a velocity of 150m/s and leaves the diffuser at 190kPa with a velocity of 55m/s and during the process 1.5 k


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