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Imagine you have 2 friends who work for a "disaster recovery business."  

A disaster recovery business responds to calls from [potential] clients who have had a "disaster" damage their home - for example, a pipe burst and caused a flood, or the cat knocked over a halogen lamp causing fire damage in the living room, or a hurricane has broken a window and damaged a room.

Business has picked up and this small, 2-man company decides to hire a new employee.

This person will staff an office from 9-5 M-F and take calls 24/7 from people who have had a disaster.  

The person will keep track of invoices. billing, payments, etc.  They would need to carry a mobile phone and answer calls that could arise 24 hours a day/7 days a week.    

Your friends know you've taken an employment law course and ask you for help.

Draft a memo setting forth the legal responsibilities (if any) towards this person (for instance, will the company  have to pay the employee by the hour for each hour they carry the mobile phone?)"

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Reference no: EM131214419

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