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Ryan has the following capital gains and losses for 2010: $6,000 STCL, $5,000 28% gain, $2,000 25% gain, and $6,000 0%/15% gain. Which of the following is correct?

a) The net capital gain is composed of $1,000 25% gain and $6,000 0%/15% gain.

b) The net capital gain is composed of $5,000 28% gain and $2,000 0%/15% gain.

c) The net capital gain is composed of $3,000 28% gain and $2,000 25% gain, and $2,000 0%/15% gain.

d) The net capital gain is composed of $1,000 28% gain and $6,000 0%/15% gain.

e) none of the above

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