Probabilty that airline not have seats for all ticket holder

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An airline, believing that 6% of passengers fail to show for flights, overbooks (sells more tickets than there are seats). Suppose that for a particular flight involving a jumbo-jet with 265 seats, the airline sells 278 tickets. What is the probability that the airline will not have enough seats for all the ticket holders who show for the flight?

Reference no: EM13115986

Find the probability that among cars tested

The probabilities are 0.40, 0.50, and 0.10 that, in city driving, a certain kind of compact car will average less than 28 miles per gallon, from 28 to 32 miles per gallon, o

Find t score using distribution of difference between means

Ethnic Group A: N = 15 M= 55 S2 = 6.5 Ethnic Group B : N = 23 M= 51 S2 = 4.5. If the standard deviation of the distribution of the difference between means is .76, what is the

Proportion of college football players

Is this survey valid or not valid for testing the hypothesis that the proportion of college football players at our university with at least one concussion is less than the

Evidence to suggest mean width of littlenecks has decreased

Use a one-sided, left-tailed hypothesis test to show that there is evidence to suggest the mean width of littlenecks has decreased. Assume the population of littleneck width

Sketch the density function

(a) What is the distribution of Y? (b) Sketch the density function of Y, labeling the mean and standard deviation. (c) Give a range of values that is almost certain to contain

Difference in the standard error for two samples

The error between the sample mean and the population mean for a sample of n = 16 is 5 points and the error between a sample mean and population mean for a sample of n = 100

Claiming using chi-square test

A student team examined parked cars in four different suburban shopping malls. One hundred vehicles were examined in each location.  Research question:  At  α  =  . 05, does

Examine the classifications of security controls

Examine the classifications of security controls (physical, administrative, and technical) and the types of security controls (preventive, detective, and corrective). Explai


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