Probability that randomly selected state has per capita gnp

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Suppose that we had data on per capita GNP9measured in US dollars) for a sample of developing countries, and that these data were normally distributed with a mean of $ 1750 and a standard deviation of 300. What's the probability that a randomly selected state has a per capita GNP at or below $950?

Reference no: EM13124888

Psychologist measures units of change for a memory

A psychologist measures units of change for a memory test after students are given an opportunity to sleep only four hours. The following change units were obtained: 7, -12,

Use the life table approach to estimate survival function

A study is conducted to estimate survival in patients following kidney transplant. Key factors that adversely affect success of the transplant include advanced age and diabe

Nonprobability sample

Your task is to interview a representative sample of attendees for the large concert venue where you work. The new season includes 200 live concerts featuring all types of m

Testing hypotheses by using the excel

Shank's Inc., a nationwide advertising firm, wants to know whether the size of an advertisement and the color of the advertisement make a difference in the response of magaz

Give sampling distribution using central limit theorem

Cold this past winter and found out how long their cold symptoms lasted. Assuming that the Central Limit Theorem applies, give the sampling distribution of X for n = 50.

Random and volunteer samples

Some television stations attempt to gauge public opinions by posing a question on the air and asking viewers to call to give their opinions.

Polynomial and rational functions

Create a set of data that can be modeled as a polynomial function. Please provide a reference to the data. Plot the data using Microsoft Excel including the equation for the f

What is the probability that an incoming delivery takes less

The processing time for an incoming delivery at ABC Inc.'s warehouse follows an exponential distribution. The average processing time is 12.5 minutes. What is the probabilit


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