Probability that file transfer needs more than ten packets

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It has been shown by analysis of measurements data that file sizes in bytes on Unix based WWW servers follow a Pareto distribution as shown below with a = 1.2

F(x) = 1 - (2730/x)a x > 2730

(a) What is the median file size in bytes

(b) What is the percentage of files that are between 6K bytes and 8K bytes.

(c) Assuming that an IP packet has a maximum 900 byte payload, determine the following. What is the probability that a file transfer requires more than 10 packets? repeat for 100 or more?

Reference no: EM13113192

Does the situation described represent independent samples

Refer to given Exercise. Does the situation described represent independent samples or paired data? Explain.-What are the research question, the population parameter, and the

Explain which one is a special case of the other

Samples can be chosen using a probability sampling plan and they can be chosen by selecting a simple random sample. One of these methods is a special case of the other. Exp

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A new type of plastic has been produced and the company would like to claim that the average stress resistance of this new product is at least 30.0, where stress resistance i

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Suppose ξ and ζ are two random variables with E(ξ ) = E(ζ ) = 0. Show that var(ξ ) = E(ξ 2) and cov(ξ, ζ ) = E(ξ ζ ). Notes. More generally, var(ξ ) = E(ξ 2) - [E(ξ )]2 and co

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What is the probability that none of the lines experiences a surface finish problem in 40 hours of operation. What is the probability that all three lines experience a surface

What is the probability that two person select same pin

If zero can be the first digit and the numbers can be repeated, what is the probability Mr. Jones and Mrs. Smith select the same PIN? (Round your answer to 3 decimal places.

Conduct the test at level of significance

Conduct the test at the 0.05 level of significance whether the modification actually increased the life of the AAA battery. What was their decision rule?


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