Probability of the mean of test scores

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A final exam in Math 157 is normally distributed and has a mean of 75 with a standard deviation of 12. If 36 students are randomly selected, find the probability that the mean of their test scores is greater than 70.

Reference no: EM1395162

Find the confidence interval on the population mean

Compute the 95% confidence interval on theproportion of times this person can predict coin flips correctly. Whatconclusion can you draw about this test of his ability to pre

Probability to miss part of report if wait until grading

If the sports report begins at 11:10, what is the probability that he misses part of the report if he waits until grading is done before turning on the TV?

Determine who has the greater probability of winning

Bob throws six dice and wins if he scores at least one ace. Alice throws 12 dice and wins if she scores at least two aces. Who has the greater probability of winning?

Explain whether the median of the observations to be higher

For each of the following datasets, explain whether you would expect the mean or the median of the observations to be higher:- In a rural farming community, for each household

The next woman he meets will have such a height

Height X of adult women are normally distributed with mean 63.7 inches and standard deviation 2.71 iches. Romeo who is 68.25 inches tall wishes to date only women who are

Rank correlation for car fuel consumption

Listed below are the highway fuel consumption amounts (in mi/gal) from cars in three different categories. Use a 0.05 signifiacance level to test the claim that the differen

Estimate the average daily pollution in lake erie

Suppose that we wish to estimate the average daily pollution in Lake Erie. The daily yield, recorded for n = 50 days, produced a mean and standard deviation equal to y = 871

What is the probability that entire batch will be rejected

The entire batch will be rejected if at least one of those tested is defective. What is the probability that the entire batch will be rejected?


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