Proactively managing transformative practice

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Leading Through Change: Proactively Managing Transformative Practice

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This Discussion highlights the leader's role in facilitating change. You are asked to focus on a change management model that has proven successful in a non-health care sector. As you saw in Week 2, many best practices in technology have developed outside of health care. The focus of this Discussion is on the innovative application of best practices in stakeholder adoption from other industries in health care settings.

To prepare:

  • Reflect on positive consumer experiences that you have had related to using information technologies to access products or services.
  • How did the stakeholders in that setting use HIT platforms to improve your customer experience? Apply this thinking to this week's Discussion.

Note: This Discussion will be graded using this rubric: Discussion Rubric (Word document)

Post by Day 3:

Based on the scenario that you chose for your Final Project, explain what change management model you would implement for internal and external stakeholders. What change management theory would you use and how would you apply it through IT implementation? Outline specific change and innovation management strategies given your scenario, using best practices in the private sector.

Respond by Day 5 and continue the Discussion through Day 7:

Expand on this Discussion by providing additional insights or alternative perspectives. Also consider if one of these stakeholders is a politically influential leader in the organization or environment. How would you recommend your colleagues adjust their strategy to address this individual's concerns?

Reference no: EM131262632

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