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From the case study, take a position on whether Tropicana did or did not make a major mistake in changing its product packaging. Next, suggest the next two (2) steps that you believe Tropicana should take in its branding strategy in order to counteract the initial negative response to the new product packaging. Provide a rationale for your response and do not duplicate your classmates' responses.

From the scenario, prioritize the attributes of Golds Reling's brand from the brand map presented in the scenario according to the attributes that you believe would be most important to the new tablet's target market. Provide support for your response.


Scenario- In these scenarios we will be helping a new intern at the electronics company Golds Reling, Inc. as she works with the marketing team to launch a new product. The Scenario covers the following topics:

•Branding Your Product.

Reference no: EM13732899

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