Principles of effective interprofessional team leadership

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Assignment Instructions

For this assignment, write 3 pages in which you examine factors that build team success.

Search for scholarly articles on leadership styles and qualities of effective team leaders. These articles may or may not also discuss the importance of trust within collaborative teams.


Examine two critical components for interprofessional team success in health care delivery: leadership and trust. Address the following:

· Identify at least three leadership behaviors that build trust within a team.

· Identify at least three leadership behaviors that undermine trust within a team.

· Explain the consequences of a team that does not trust its leader in terms of patient safety.

· Describe strategies team members can use to build trust among one another in terms of skill, knowledge, and responsibility.

· Describe principles of effective interprofessional team leadership. In other words, what skills and qualities should a good team leader possess?

Is there a difference between being a good leader and being an effective leader?

Your completed assignment should be 3 pages in length, not including the title page and reference page. Support your statements and opinions with references to and citations from at least 3 scholarly or professional resources wtithin the last 5 years. Be sure to follow APA guidelines for format and style. In addition:

· Include a title page and reference page.
· Use Times New Roman font, 12 point.
· Double-space.

Reference no: EM131164200

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