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Part 1. Explain a contract management principle (and legal principle) associated uniquely with managing subcontractors, such as often happens in the case of outsourcing software development. [Hint: this is a test of your having read and remembered a principle introduced in Chapter 5.] Part 2. (Self-directed Question). Think of a question related to the content of Garrett's Chapter 6 and that in your judgment would have educational value for you to research and answer. In the first sentence of your exercise, state the question. (Hint: it should be a complete grammatical sentence ending in a question mark “?”) Then answer it conclusively in a maximum of a 500 word length essay (not counting any citations). In your essay describe the scope or character of your question's object. For example, let's suppose that your question concerns a net marketplace; then indicate whether your answer assumes a horizontal exhange, a vertical exchange, or either one. In this exercise your work will be evaluated not only on the usual criterion (i.e., the strength of your defense of the answer) but also on how well you selected the question. Good question selection includes the utility and challenge of answering. A question that is trivial or irrelevant to the content of chapter 6 would not rate highly on the index of goodness. Because the ease of answering is a matter of degrees, it is suggested that you choose a question that is somewhat challenging for you to answer but not so challenging that you would have difficulty to fit a thorough and conclusive answer into 500 words.

Reference no: EM131199502

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