Principal stresses and the orientation of planes

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A direct shear test is performed on a saturated specimen of loose sand. A normal stress equal to 100 kPa is applied and a maximum shear stress of 75 kPa is measured in the shear test. Determine the principal stresses and the orientation of these planes.

Reference no: EM1382706

How many kilograms each of pearlite and the proeutectoid

If we have 2.5 kg of austenite containing 0.65 wt% C, and it is cooled to below 727?C (a) What is the proeutectoid phase? (b) How many kilograms each of total ferrite and ceme

Compute the magnitudes of the normal stresses

Compute the magnitudes of the normal stresses (sigma,x) and (sigma,y) in front of a surface crack of length 2.0 mm in response to a nominal tensile stress of 100 MPa at the fo

Find weight and bias values that result in single-neuron per

For each of the four vectors given above, calculate the net input, n, and the network output, a, for the network you have designed. Verify that your network solves the probl

What is the corresponding wall thickness of the container

A parison is extruded from a die with outside diameter = 113 mm and inside diameter = 7.5 mm. The observed die swell is 1.25. The parison is used to blow mold a beverage con

Determine the speed of the impellers in rpm

The plant is to employ alum coagulation. and pertient data for the folcculation basin are as follows: detention time = 20 min, G = 35 /sec at 50F, GT = 10000 to 100000, widt

Determine the size of the beam with the least cross-section

A simple beam of Douglas-Fir Larch, select grade, has a span of 18 ft with two concentrated loads of 3 kips each placed at the third points of the span. Neglecting its own wei

Calculate the stress along the edge a-b caused

A horizontal prestressing force of 500kN is applied to a rectangular beam. The beam has a depth of 450mm and a width of 250mm. The force is applied at a distance of 60mm below

Find the length and width of a square basin for virus

Find the length and width of a square basin for virus disinfection of a flow of 6 MGD. You may assume a depth of 5 ft, a C?t product of 10 (mg/L) ?min for 1.5-log removal, and


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