Primary technique for risk management is transferring risk

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This week we discuss the operations of an insurance company. As stated before, the primary technique for risk management is transferring the risk, usually to an insurance company. Every risk manager should have a strong understanding of how an insurance company operates, prices its products, underwrites the risk, sells, and services the customer. (If you don't have an employer at this time you can call an insurance agent and interview them about the commercial risks and how they help their clients manage those risks). This helps tremendously if a claim arises. Ask the risk manager of your company who provides the property insurance and respond with an overview of that insurance company. Include their history, current business model, and premium volume.

Reference no: EM131429979

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Alleghany Mountain Power and Light is an electric utility company with a large fleet of vehicles including automobiles, light trucks, and construction equipment. The company i

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To constitute actionable sexual harassment, the conduct complained of. Marlena is an employee at the Super Buzz Cola warehouse. Larry, a truck driver working with the logistic

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Discuss the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010. What are the most prominent elements to understanding these two ac

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A(n) ________ brings buyers and sellers together and assists in negotiations. Which type of small store carries a limited line of high-turnover convenience goods and makes mos

How do your priorities drive your shopping choices

How do your priorities drive your shopping choices? How are you (unintentionally) helping to perpetuate slavery or tracking by your consumer choices? Now that you have complet


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