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QUESTIONS: 1:Identify the primary federal agencies responsible for issuing hazardous material spill and release regulations, and describe each agency's role.

Question 2: Explain the role of the states in the regulation of hazardous material spills and releases under DOT, EPA, and OSHA.

Question 3:Why is it important to conduct a risk assessment before establishing an emergency response action plan?

Question 4 What are the differences between threshold limit value and permissible exposure limit? Which one should be used when considering the toxicity of a spilled hazardous material?

Question 5: Under the Operational Readiness heading on page 55 of the course textbook is a list of questions that can be used to aid in planning exercises and drills. Which question would you judge as most important? Which question would you judge as most likely to be deficient in an organization? Use examples to help explain your decisions.

Question 6 Discuss how vapor density and vapor pressure contribute to the hazards of a spilled or released hazardous material. Provide examples that illustrate your points.

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