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Calculate the amount of the final price adjustment because of defective pricing based on the Contractor unintentionally overpriced their material costs by $75,000 and under-priced their direct manufacturing labor costs by $50,000. Overhead rates used to price the original contract are:

Material OH 15%

Engineering OH 75%

Manufacturing OH 124%

Lawn Maintenance OH 1.5%

G&A 24%

Reference no: EM13130120

Grant company performed services on account

Grant Company performed services on account for $80,000 in 2013. Grant collected $50,000 cash from accounts receivable during 2013, and the remaining $30,000 was collected in

Explain whether each of the following events produces

Amber Gray tells you that the accountants where she works are real hair splitters. For example, they make a big issue over the difference between a cost and an expense. She sa

The contract specifies that the lessor pays executory costs

The contract specifies that the lessor pays executory costs as incurred. The lessee's lease payments were increased to $103,300 to include an amount sufficient to reimburse th

Expected returns on assets and certainty equivalent

What is the expected return of this asset? What is Esperanza's expected utility? What is her certainty equivalent? Suppose that Esperanza can purchase insurance that guarantee

Determine philip taxable income

Philip, 27, is a single self-employed plumbing contractor. During the year, he earns gross revenues of $49,000 and incurs $6,000 of business expenses. His itemized deduction

Deduction as travel expenses for the trip

Harry pays $600 for airfare, $200 for meals, and $500 for lodging while on business. The cost of meals and lodging while on vacation was $300 and $500, respectively. How muc

Type of gain or loss from redemption

On May 1, 2011, $120,000 of the bonds were redeemed at 111. How much, and what type of gain or loss, most likely results from this redemption?

Achievement of an organization strategic objectives

In 200 - 250 words, what is Human Resources planning? How does the HR planning process facilitate the achievement of an organization's strategic objectives? Use examples pul


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