Pricing strategy in a health care organization

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Describe a pricing strategy in a health care organization for one of its services or products (e.g., a pharmaceutical drug or a medical device). Then, explain how costs would be taken into account when formulating that pricing strategy.

Reference no: EM1364324

Prior hisory of immunizations

A nurse is reinforing teaching with a client who reports no prior hisory of immunizations. Which of the following statements requires further teaching?

Controversial public policy issue

What are the privacy requirements under HIPAA? Explain why confidentiality of health information has been a controversial public policy issue.

Specific measures for mrsa control

Suggest a plan with specific measures for MRSA control using the information you obtained . Use the following questions to create your disease control plan:

Productivity in non-hospital organizations

Describe how to improve productivity in non-hospital organizations e.g. American Heart Association, Lupus Foundation, Alzheimer's Association etc.

Effect diagram and pareto analysis

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a Cause and Effect diagram and Pareto Analysis in terms of analyzing quality issues?

Strategies related to loss prevention

Consider financial and customer service focus issues and financial and employee impact and identify and discuss strategies related to loss prevention addressing the situatio

America health insurance system

What trends can we already see and what changes can we anticipate in America's health insurance system over the decades ahead? What is driving these changes?

Challenges facing american health care providers

Looking to the future, there are many challenges facing American health care providers. What do you consider to be important challenges?


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