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Dylan enjoys ramen noodles and music downloads. His monthly budget for these two items is 13 dollars. If the price of a package of ramen noodles is $1.49 and the price of a music download is $0.91, how many packages of ramen noodles can he afford each month if he purchases no music downloads? (Round your answer to the nearest tenth. For example: 1.4).

Reference no: EM131191867

Operating officer for thomason health system

You are the newly appointed chief operating officer for Thomason Health System (THS), a large health care delivery system that will be acquiring and implementing a new infor

Important objectives

What are they key performance measures that GE should use to assess whether it has been successful in taking advantage of the industrial internet? Identify the three most im

Evaluate the disparity of virginia''s budget

Fiscal Disparity in Virginia Schools - Examine and evaluate the disparity of Virginia's budget allocation for education and property tax to the various localities.

What two listening behaviors do you think you need to work

Rating Your Listening Skills You can learn whether your listening skills are excellent or deficient by completing a brief quiz. -What two listening behaviors do you think you

Currency in a domestic open market operation

Suppose the Fed buys $200 million worth of Euros with U.S. currency and, at the same time, sells $200 million of U.S. government securities for U.S. currency in a domestic o

After-tax cost of debt on the bond

Belton distribution company is issuing a 1,000 par value bond that pays 7.0 percent annual interest and matures in 15 years that is paid semi-annually. Investors are willin

Determining the zappos delivers happiness

Are you a good planner? How much experience do you have with planning for any part of an organization? Here is a chance to practice planning. Imagine that you work for Zappos

Evaluating vision and mission statements at harley davidson

Review the case study entitled "Evaluating Vision and Mission Statements at Harley Davidson." Alternatively, you may choose an organization of your choice; however, be sure


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