Price-earnings ratio of project equals that of existing firm

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Winston’s has 18,000 shares outstanding with a book value of $348,000 and a market value of $501,660 and has net income of $21,000. The firm is considering a project with a net present value of $4,500 that would require the purchase of $175,000 of fixed assets. The project would be financed through the sale of equity shares. The price-earnings ratio of the project equals that of the existing firm. What will the new market value per share be after the project is implemented?

Reference no: EM131050525

The implied reduced financing cost of the receivables

Suppose that last year a firm had a DSO of 35 days and annual revenues equal to 10,000,000$. The treasury department has made it a goal to reduce the DSO to 30 days, while hol

The equivalent annual cost method is most appropriate

The equivalent annual cost method is most appropriate in which of the following situations? In each case, assume that several mutually exclusive options are available. If a pr

Differences between a micro hedge and a macro hedge

What are the differences between a micro hedge and a macro hedge for an FI? Why is it generally more efficient for FIs to employ a macro hedge than a series of micro hedges?

Market risk premium and risk free rate

Find the WACC for ABC Corp using the information provided below. Common stock: 300,000 shares outstanding, selling for $30 a share. Beta is 0.85. Preferred Stock: 50,000 share

What is the effective annual rate on such a student loan

The going rate on student loans is quoted as 8 percent APR. The terms of the loans call for monthly payments. (Interests are compounding every month.) What is the effective an

Purchase vacation home

A client of yours wants to purchase a vacation home in Avalon Park, Florida in twenty years time for cash. The house is currently valued at $200,000 and the price is expected

Accumulate fund for retirement by depositing

A managed 40 wishes to accumulate a fund for retirement by depositing $1,000 at the beginning of each year for 25 years. Starting at age 65, he will make 15 annual withdrawals

What is the earnings before interest and taxes

Miller Manufacturing is analyzing a proposed project. The company expects to sell 8,000 units, plus or minus 2 percent. The expected variable cost per unit is $12 and the expe


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