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You are trying to clean up a hard drive to free some disk space. You notice the hard drive has a C:Windows. Old folder that takes up 10 GB of valuable hard drive space. However, in the Disk Cleanup dialog box, you don't see the option to delete Previous Windows Installations. Using the Microsoft support site (, find the Knowledge Base article that allows you to manually delete the folder. Answer the questions below.

What are the three command lines needed to delete the folder in the order that you use them?

Reference no: EM131088771

Access to critical and personal information

When working with user and customer data, one has access to critical and personal information. It is your responsibility to ensure that the data are not abused nor misused.

Necessary part of any business

1. It is common knowledge that employees are a necessary part of any business. Identify three (3) best practices in the user domain and suggest the control type(s) (technica

Types of eai approaches

As your text explains, there are four different approaches to systems integration: data, application interface, method, and user interface. Each approach has its benefits an

Term paper-contingency planning in action

Create a hypothetical organization with details including geographic location(s), number of employees in each location, primary business functions, operational and technolog

Diagramming software to complete a chart or table

You may use Microsoft® Visio®, Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® PowerPoint® or another diagramming software to complete a chart or table. Address the following, at a minimum, for a

Research about one erp system

Research about one ERP system (Oracle or SAP) Research also about a company that has successfully implemented an ERP system Can the company quantify the benefits of having ERP

Present a convincing argument

For this assignment, you will play the role of an employee who's been asked to present a convincing argument on why the company should move from a conventional client based

Ethical and cultural differences on a website

For this Critical Thinking assignment, you are a technical communications project manager for BCG working on the CSIC project. Read the following scenario and review the req


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