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Which of the following is not a proper SQL command for creating database relations? 8. Which of the following database structures should be selected if users want the ability to access data without help from the information technology personnel? B. network c. hierarchical d. tree 9. Which of the following database types has dominance in contemporary systems? 14. Which of the following is not a method of electronic commerce? 15. Which of the following is not a cost of EDI? 28. Achieving which control goal requires that all valid objects or events are captured and entered into a system"s database? 31. The controlled access to files, programs, and documentation is a principal responsibility of which of the following functions? 32. Which of the following personnel security control plans is corrective in nature as opposed to being a preventive or detective control plan?

Reference no: EM13152238

Which would be considered a discontinued operation

An entity that is a franchiser in the quick-service restaurant business also operates company-owned restaurants that are unprofitable in a certain region and, as a result, t

Prepare the current and long term liability sections

On November 1, 2011, Manufacturing rented a portion of its factory to a tenant for $30,000 per year, payable in advance. The payment for the 12 months ended October 31, 2012,

Grouped data with progressive censoring

Exponential fit to grouped data with progressive censoring. For motivation, first see the distribution transformer data in Table 3.1 of Chapter 10. Each group there is assum

How much can deduct in each year in passive activity

Fred's interest is not considered to be a passive activity.If his share of the partnership losses is $35,000 in 2007 and$25,000 in 2008, how much can he deduct in each year?

Stock dividend on its common stock

a. On January 1, Frick declared a 5% stock dividend on its common stock when the market value of the common stock was $15 per share. Stock dividends were distributed on Jan

What are implications for accounting in different countries

ACC307 - Accounting Theory Assignment. Critically examine the validity of the above statement. What are the implications for accounting in different countries if the above

Management assertions and quantifying materiality

What are management assertions? How do they affect the financial statements? How does the auditor formulate audit objectives based on management assertions?

What is profit planning and how is it being used here

What is this case about? What is profit planning and how is it being used here? Is it being done properly? Do you see an ethical dimension to this case? If so what is it? Wh


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