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1. What should a small family owned business do to prevent a disastrous transfer of power in the business?

a. Name the successor based on who has the most potential for getting sales for the business

b. Plan early for this transfer and groom a successor

c. Hire a management team to form a committee and have the replacement determined by a list of criteria

d. Simply allow the oldest member of the family in the business to be awarded the business

2. What is the illegal “bait and switch” tactic discussed in this module?

a. Advertising a national brand as being available within a store; when the consumer comes into that store to purchase that product, the store offers its private label brand with extremely similar packaging, making it difficult for consumers to identify which brand was being advertised

b. Advertising a really low-priced product; once a consumer comes into the store to purchase it, the store’s employees make no attempt to sell it but instead try to sell that consumer higher-priced products

c. When a consumer goes on a blind date set up by a "friend," thinking he or she will be meeting someone wonderful, when in fact the date turns out to be a horrible person

d. Where a business involved in a scandal in which consumers have been injured changes its brand name(s) in order to avoid being prosecuted by such consumers

3. Think about the role of direct salespeople as channel members. How is the job of a B2C salesperson different than that of a B2B salesperson? Discuss some issues such as:

a) The necessary job skills and training

b) The sales organization (the structure, supervision, reporting)

c) The nature of the sale (time required, people involved)

d) The sales process (tasks involved in making the sale)

e) The nature of the compensation and the job requirements/responsibilities

4. A company produces product A and product B. Each product must go through two processes. In the following “A” is used to represent the number of units of A to produce and “B” is used to represent the number units of B to produce. Each A produced requires four hours in process 1 and five hours in process 2. Each B produced requires five hours in process 1 and four hours in process 2. There are 80 hours of capacity available each week for process 1 and 100 hours available for process 2. Each A produced generates $9.00 in profit for the company. Each B produced generates $6.00 in profit for the company. The constraint for Process 1 is represented by ________.

a 4A + 5B <= 80

b 5A + 4B <= 80

c 4A + 5B >= 80

d 5A + 4B <= 80

Reference no: EM132234348

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