Pressures and temperatures in the two compartments

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A closed, insulated vertical cylinder is divided into two compartments, each of volume V=0.1 m^3, by a metal piston of area A=0.03 m^2. The piston is initially prevented from sliding by a stopper and carries a load of 2500 kg. The top compartment of the cylinder contains air at 30 bar and the bottom one air at 10 bar; temperature in both compartments is initially 320 K. Determine (a) the maximum amount of work that can be obtained from this system when the stopper is removed and the piston allowed to move freely, and (b) the final pressures and temperatures in the two compartments. Heat exchange with external reservoirs is not allowed. Air can be considered an ideal gas with Cv=5R/2.

Reference no: EM13288975

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