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0. Pre-assignment

  • Find three companies you would like to work for and look at job descriptions; register with 'Hire Centennial'; if you are sure then print off the three job desc. of interest
  • Attend the in-class presentation from career services the week of Jan 19-23

1. Research XYZ company(s) and find three Jobs and the job descriptions in which you are interested. You will then proceed to do the following:

  • Print and keep these job descriptions (download a pdf or MS doc if possible)
  • Update (or create) a resume and a skills bank (skills, talents & achievements) re: summarize your strengths or skills
    • A list of weaknesses or general skill gaps is also a good idea
  • Review each job and determine what your skill gap may be in terms of education and experience
  • Chart a plan of action to fill the skill gaps; include timelines; costs if available; other actions required to support plan (Eg. Job as a IA within 12-18 months earning $50,000 will support pursuit of MBA part-time, within 18-24 months)

2. Arrange to interview someone doing the job (from the three selected) in which you are most interested

  • Arrange the interview within the next 3-4 weeks (earlier is fine)
  • Make 10 interview questions in preparation (send these to the interviewee in advance)
    • Get help from career services, if you are unsure of appropriate questions
    • This is an 'informational' interview

§  Ask about the job

§  How the interviewee proceeded through their career

§  Suggestions for your career path

  • If time, do a mock interview with either your group or career services

3. Write a report of no more then 3-4 pages, which summarizes:

  • Your three jobs and why/how you selected them (did you use some criteria?)
  • Your skills gap for each of these jobs and how you plan to fill this gap
    • Use of a Gant Chart or a table to show actions with time lines
  • Your interview. What happened? What did you learn? How did the interview inform your action plan?
  • Your action plan as a table or Gant Chart; Interview questions; Resume and skills bank (also weaknesses); list of skill gaps; the three job descriptions should all be includes in your appendices and properly referenced in your report
  • Use 12 pt Arial font; double spaced; APA for any references

Reference no: EM13725302

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