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The Argument-Persuasion Essay

The Works Cited page should contain only the materials that you've cited in your actual paper.

Topic Choice: Your topic must connect to a significant/relevant problem affecting a specific group of people. The problem must be current, specific, relevant, debatable and grounded, and you must present at least one possible solution or a path to a solution in your writing. All topics must be approved by the instructor.


• Between 3 - 4 sources must be cited in your paper.
• Sources must be credible, and you should be prepared to defend their credibility
• At least one source must be found using one of the library's databases
• No more than two sources can be multi-media
• No more than two sources can be first hand or interviews

The Assignment:

Most of us enjoy having discussions with others about subjects we find interesting, such as sports, politics, or music. We like both listening to another's viewpoints and sharing our own. However, sometimes we leave these discussions feeling frustrated by our inability to convince the other person that our views are "right." Sometimes we wish we had been quick enough to think of a better response.

Sometimes we simply don't have enough reliable information to argue the topic/issue intelligently. In a written argument, we have the luxury of time when creating our argument. We are able to think through the topic thoroughly, do any necessary research, imagine the opposing arguments(s), and present sound, logical evidence to support our ideas.

Your final paper will present not only your argument and the research which supports it, but will also reveal your reasoning (why you have this opinion and why you think the topic is important for everyone to know about) as well as acknowledging and refuting the opposition. Your thesis (main point, claim) is driven by your opinion and can be held until the end. Expressing why you feel the topic is important to explore should be stated from the beginning. Use MLA style to cite ALL your sources - even those you paraphrase or "reword." Always give credit to those people who spent time thinking about your topic before you did.

An effective argument utilizes:

Strong logos: The bulk of your essay is designed to convince an ignorant or skeptical reader that your opinion is thoughtful and well-reasoned. You present yourself as professional, informed, and organized. vim, 114P only research that is credible.

Writing Ideas:
• Your thesis (main point, claim) should contain your overall position on the topic, and can be stated in the beginning or the end of the essay.
• Research is included only when it connects to your reasoning. Show us that your ideas are supported by studies, experts in the field, or statistics.
• The credibility of your research is made clear in the essay itself through signal phrases/statements.
• You have been careful to structure your writing clearly and you've proofread to avoid misspellings, unclear sentences, and mechanical errors.

Pathos: At least one point in your essay, you attempt to stir the emotion of your reader and get them to pay attention. Consider what type of emotion would most convince your audience. Guilt? Family or community bonding? Fear? Patriotism?

Writing Ideas:
• Paint a picture of the problem through a hypothetical, personal, or observed example (describe what could happen or what did happen in the form of a anecdote or a summary of someone affected by the problem that you learned about through research.

• Use this as your introduction or conclusion. An introduction like this can raise awareness of the problem you're addressing. A conclusion like this can reveal the benefits of solving the problem in the way you suggest.

Section: You raise a point brought up by your opposition, and you respond to it. First, quote or summarize the opposing/different idea from your research or include your imagined naysayer or skeptic's response. Immediately counter the idea.

Writing Ideas:
• Use the templates from Chapter 6 to help you structure this.
• Respond in one of these three ways:
1. The skeptic is wrong, and here is proof
2. The skeptic isn't wrong, but my idea is equally important and here's why.
3. The skeptic has forgotten or neglected something that I will now explain.

In addition to the above, your essay needs to include the following to earn at least 75%:
o An explanation of the controversy and how it affects a particular group
o A clear thesis statement expressing your position on the controversy
o At least one summary/paraphrase, properly cited
o At least one direct quotation, properly cited
o No more than one "long" quotations, properly cited (none are required)
o An MLA Works Cited page containing only the sources cited inside your essay
o A complete outline (format options attached)

Length: 4 - 5 pages + Works Cited page(s).

Outline for Research Paper - GENERAL OUTLINE

Not all papers need to include each bit of information or be in the same format/order. This is just meant to give you a possible structure. Remember - you need to be persuasive and convincing! Take a position on your topic and convince us to agree.

Section 1- Raising Reader Awareness, Piquing Interest, Educating
- - Create interest in the topic (pathos?)
- - Explain the topic/idea. (Who does it affect? Why are people concerned? Why are you concerned? What does the topic/idea mean?)
- - Educate the reader on the topic (Define any needed terms, explain necessary background info)

Section 2 - Stating your Position/Reasons/Plan
-- How do you feel about this topic? What is the position you are taking?
--Why do you feel this way? What are your reasons?

In this section, you might include research that agrees with you. Balance your own thoughts with the research. State your reasons, back them up with good, logical research.

This is the LOGOS section - refer to all the Logos ideas in the CH. 12 introduction.

Section 3 - Acknowledging & Refuting your Opposition (Ethos)
-- Who does not agree with you/ How are others challenging/debating your opinion/position?
Remember, you need to summarize briefly the opposition - do not go too deeply into it, or you risk sounding as if you have not taken one side or the other. (Some of your research on the opposition could go here - perhaps quotes that contain reasons that don't agree with you)

-- Why are these reasons not as solid or sensible as yours? Why are they wrong? Spend more time/length on your position. (Research could again go here - Pathos, too.)

Section 4 - Conclusion, Proposals, Possible Compromises/Solutions
-- Propose solutions/resolutions to the problem
- - Propose possible compromises between your argument and the opposition
- - Remind the reader of the importance of your issue
- - Propose the action we need to take, now that we are educated and convinced
- - State how things will change if your idea/position/proposal is accepted by everyone (or how it will be worse if we don't!)

Reference no: EM132279779

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