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You are now ready to present a process improvement to hotel management in the areas of focus (check-in, checkout, and hotel offerings).

Individual Portion

Complete the following:

Using process mapping and reviewing the information here present the new processes for check-in and checkout to management.

Pick 1 hotel offering and write a new process map for it. Along with charts. give a detailed explanation of the new process and where such improvement will benefit the hotel and increase customer satisfaction. Be sure to include all costs, resources, and management functions.

Using the data gathered for check-in and checkout under your new process, present control charts that demonstrate the new process performance to management.

Group Portion

For this portion, you will complete the following:

• Apply Six-Sigma quality standards and devise a plan for the hotel to monitor and control future process performance.

• Include 5-7 academic. peer-reviewed references that are relevant to and that support the deliverable.

• Describe management quality initiatives such as TOM and Six Sigma.

• Evaluate the quality control tools used to analyze and improve processes.

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Reference no: EM13860366

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