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Setting Goals and Objectives For The Safety Manager- Instructions

Please review the Safety Manager job functions in the separate posted document for this week. Then after reviewing the SMART techniques posting and your textbook readings( How to be good at performance appraisals) author Dick Grots, work from the job functions to create five examples of concrete goals whose attainment can be verified using numbers, rates, percentages, dollars, and dates and include in your examples.

First, create a page in the file does not put the answer in the attached file.
second, create five examples of concrete goals whose attainment can be verified using numbers, rates, percentages, dollars, and dates and include in your examples.

Please clarify five goals and discussed each goal on the extentAssignment 2: How do I use the Job Description to Write Objectives?
Goals are typically established each year in conjunction with your work plans and budgeting process. These resources will generate critical ideas for creating critical outcomes that you expect for each job, given the employee's level of job responsibility and ability to impact department goals.

In addition, you will want to work from the essential functions to consider work that might be performed more effectively, assignments that need to be completed, and work processes that can be improved.

You'll want to identify what new goals you want to achieve, behaviors that you want to modify, and results that you want to accomplish using SMART techniques. Let's start with the five functions below. Use these to create five SMART goals to submit this week.

Safety Manager:

1. Develops, implements, and manages the Injury/Illness Prevention Program and directs and coordinates the participation of departments within that program; creates or modifies safety policies and updates the Safety Manual as needed. Updates the organized plans of operations, Universal Precautions, Hazardous Communication and MSDS books and distributes to appropriate locations and departments.

2. Conducts regular safety audits of departments including the inspection of facilities, worksites, equipment, work practices, and safety devices to ensure compliance with required workplace safety standards, regulations and policy; reports the findings to department and recommends changes to establish safe work conditions.

3. Prepares monthly, quarterly, and annual reports; maintains proper documentation to conform with record-keeping requirements of Cal OSHA and California Labor Code.

4. Investigates serious accidents and/or incidents of injury or property damage at organization work sites to ascertain cause and need for corrective action; develops and implements measures and strategies to prevent their recurrence in order to meet long-range loss-reduction goals; advises departments as to the keeping of records and coordinates the compilation of information necessary for Risk Management files and reports.

5. Assists departments in establishing standards and developing controls or work processes specific to departmental operations in order to minimize or eliminate hazards and maintain consistency with the organization's safety policies.

Let's see if you can create goals on the next page that would be more specific, measurable, attainable, reliable, and time driven. Turn your examples in as part of Assignment 2.

Attachment:- gantt_charts-_smart_techniques.rar

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