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Southern Stories, Inc., is a small magazine publishing company in Memphis that issues a monthly magazine with an emphasis on the South. They called Adams, a New York lawyer, with expertise in copyright issues, to ask him to come to Memphis and advise it on the effect of recent changes in the copyright laws on its various practices. Adams does so, spending six days in Memphis during two trips and another week doing research and preparing a memorandum in New York. While in Memphis, Adams does legal research on computer databases using a laptop from his hotel room. He also discusses the issues with an associate in his firm's Chicago office. The balance of his time is spent interviewing the magazine's officers and employees. He subsequently bills the client for $47,000. In advising the client, Adams had to consider certain aspects of Tennessee unfair competition and contract law, which he did while in New York. The client refuses to pay on the ground that Adams is not licensed to practice in Tennessee. Adams will have to sue in district court in Memphis because New York lacks personal jurisdiction. How should he prepare to respond to the expected defense? What should Adams do, if a similar situation arises in the future, to increase his chances of getting paid?

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