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Answer the questions listed below. You should write your answers in this document, and answers should be between one half and one full page for each question.

1.Thoroughly research a particular person you believe to be a strong leader. As you research, look for evidence that your leader exhibits the trait theory of leadership and at least one other leadership theory. Be sure to cite specific examples of behaviors exhibited by the leader. Describe the leader's traits, behaviors, and leadership style. Conclude your analysis by stating the reasons you think make this person a great leader.

2. PepsiCo is a company with a remarkable tradition of product and management innovations, but over the past several years PepsiCo has faced increased competition from its archrival Coca-Cola and is struggling to navigate the challenges of an ever-changing marketplace. As the new CEO scans the situation, it is difficult to know how to prioritize. Where to begin? Assume that the members of your small team are a group of consultants working with PepsiCo's new CEO. Your job is behind the scenes-you are simply helping the CEO brainstorm and think carefully about how to lead this company, improve performance, and restore the once-vibrant culture of creativity that made PepsiCo a leader in its industry.

Step 1: Outline leadership criteria. Develop a set of leadership recommendations that are well matched to the PepsiCo situation. What do you think employees need most from their new leader? Should the CEO help employees look back and learn from the company's past, or should the CEO encourage employees to move on and focus on the future? What are the trade-offs in each approach? Some key areas of concern are: (a) increased competition, (b) rising cost structures, (c) declining financial and marketing performance, and (d) declining brand image (e.g., as a contributor to unhealthy eating habits and childhood obesity). So how would you recommend that the CEO prioritize these issues? Are there creative possibilities for tackling some of these concerns simultaneously?

Step 2: Determine a coaching plan. Prepare to coach the CEO during the process of transforming PepsiCo. How might path-goal thinking help the CEO guide PepsiCo employees through the transition? What should the CEO keep in mind regarding such situational factors as worker readiness, situation favorableness, and environmental contingencies? Assuming the CEO possesses charismatic capabilities, would you recommend relying upon a charismatic leadership style in this situation? Why or why not?

Reference no: EM131274933

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