Prepare thesis statement wrote and an outline for essay

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You need to prepare a thesis statement wrote and an outline for the essay

Topic - Mexico.

Answer the question: "How and why did forces undermining the PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party) emerge, culminating in the victory of Vicente Fox of PAN (the National Action Party).

In political terms, where do you feel Mexico should go in the future?"

Directions: Research your textbook plus at least two other sources from your college's online library or your local community library.

Gather 4-6 or more quotations or citations, using APA style. After you gather your research documentation, revise your thesis as needed to fit the facts.

Write a tentative thesis based on your chosen question above.

Your thesis lets the reader know what political issue you will tackle in Mexico. The last part of your thesis should include a "seed" of thought to indicate where you stand on the question.

My textbook that we use: Comparative Politics Domestic Responses to Global Challenges Ninth Edition Charles Hauss I also need references cited and listed.

Reference no: EM13857611

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