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Case about a laundry company in Abu Dhabi that you will be doing the six exercises on. You are expected to provide your response to the following areas about this company in:

1. Preparing human resource plan for the business expansion strategy
2. Preparing job descriptions and job specifications
3. Preparing Training and Development Plan & Designing A Training Program
4. Designing Performance Appraisal Program
5. Developing Salary Structure

To make certain that the new business strategy is implemented and the return on investments meets or even exceeds the expected level, Mr. Abdulla has hired you to be the company's HR manager. You are expected to do the following:

1. Human resource plan for the business expansion strategy
As mentioned in the case, the company is expanding its business. Prepare the staffing plan for the expansion over the next five years. The staffing plan should be based on the forecasts about future demand and supply of workers. Pay particular attention to the needs of the company as it is moving towards high tech laundry operations.

2. Job descriptions and job specifications
Think of as many types of jobs that the company and the Cleaning Center needs to have. Some examples are already mentioned in the case. Make a list of these jobs and rank them from most important to less important. Choose the top five most important jobs, and prepare their job descriptions.

3. Recruitment and Selection Plan
Based on your human resource plan for the business expansion, prepare your recruitment and selection plan. This plan should detail out the recruiting methods and sources, and selection criteria and methods to be used.

4. Training and Development
Prepare a brief training need analysis for the Laundry Company for the next five years. Based on the immediate needs to train the front-counter personnel-cum-cashier, prepare a training program for this group of employees to improve their skills in customer service. The training program should detail out the training objective, content, training methods, and methods for evaluating the training program.

5. Performance Appraisal
Prepare a Performance Appraisal System for the Counter personnel-cum-cashier. The appraisal system should detail out what, when, who, and propose an instrument that will be used to measure the employee's performance.

6. Salary Administration
Select five benchmark jobs and develop the salary structure for the Laundry Company.

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Reference no: EM13874341

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