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Question 1: ABC company uses a job-order costing system. Direct materials and direct labor are traced to jobs. Manufacturing overhead is applied to jobs on the basis of machine hours. At the start of the year they had budgeted for overhead to be $316,000 and they planned to use 4,000 machine hours. In November, job #JK150 was completed. Materials used on job #JK 150 totaled $5,700 and the labor cost was $6,300. Job #JK 150 had used 120 machine hours.

At the end of the year it was determined that the company had incurred $320,000 of manufacturing overhead and that they had worked 4,100 machine hours.

1.      Prepare the journal entry to transfer the cost of job #JK150 out of the work-in-process account at the end of November

2.      What was the under-or over recovered overhead for the year?

3.      How would the under or over recovered overhead be treated at the end of the year?

4.      Why would they have chosen machine hours as the basis for their predetermined overhead recovery rate?


Question 2:  ABC Company is considering the purchase of a numerical-controlled machine for use in its production. The machine would cost $675,000. An additional $487,500 would be required for installation cost and for software. Management believes that the automated machine would provide substantial annual reductions in cash costs, as shown below. 

Labor cost $180,000 (Annual reduction in cash costs)

Material costs $72,000(Annual reduction in cash costs) 

The new machine would require considerable maintenance work to keep it in proper adjustment. The company’s engineers estimate that maintenance costs would increase by $3,200 per month if the machine were used. In additional, the machine would require a $67,500 overhaul at the end of the fifth year. 

The new machine would be usable for eight years, after which it would be sold for an estimated scrap value of $157,500. The new machine would replace an old machine that can be sold now for its scrap value of $52,500. ABC Company requires a return of at least 16% on investment of this type. 

1.      Compute the net annual cash cost savings promised by the new machine excluded depreciation and the overhaul at the end of year 5

2.      Using the data from part 1 and other data from the problem, using the tables of present values provided and ignoring income tax issues, compute the new machine’s net present value. Use the incremental-cost approach

3.      Assume that management can identify several intangible benefits associated with the new machine, included greater flexibility in production, improved quality in output and reduced throughout time. What dollar value per year would management have to attach to these intangible benefits in order to make the new machine an acceptable investment?

4.      Now, instead of intangible benefits, assume that management is told that the new machine can be sold at the end of its useful life for a much higher salvage value of $720,000. Should management approve the investment? 

Reference no: EM1321805

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