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Yummy-Pop Ltd makes lollipops in two sizes, large and giant. The company sells these lollipops to convenience stores, fairs, schools for fundraisers, and in bulk on the Internet.

Summer is approaching and Yummy-Pop is preparing its budget for the month of December 2013. The lollipops are hand-made, mostly out of sugar and attached to wooden sticks. Expected sales are based on past experience.

Other information for the month of December follows:

Input prices

Direct materials



$0.50 per kilogram (kg)


$0.30 each

Direct manufacturing labour

$8 per direct manufacturing labour-hour

Input quantities per unit of output

Direct materials




0.25 kg 

0.5 kg




Direct manufacturing labour-hours (DMLH)

0.2 hour              

0.25 hour

Set-up hours per batch

0.08 hour

0.09 hour

Inventory information, direct materials




Beginning inventory

125 kg


Target ending inventory

240 kg


Cost of beginning inventory



Yummy-Pop accounts for direct materials using a FIFO cost flow assumption.

Sales and inventory information, finished goods




Expected sales in units



Selling price



Target ending inventory in units



Beginning inventory in units



Beginning inventory in dollars



Yummy-Pop uses a FIFO cost flow assumption for finished goods inventory.

All the lollipops are made in batches of 10. Yummy-Pop incurs manufacturing overhead costs, and marketing and general administration costs, but customers pay for shipping. Other than manufacturing labour costs, monthly processing costs are very small.

Yummy-Pop uses activity-based costing and has classified all overhead costsfor the month of December as shown in the following chart:

Cost type

Denominator activity






Set-up hours

$20 per set-up hr


Direct manufacturing labour-hours (DMLH)

$1.70 per DMLH




         Marketing and general administration

Sales revenue



Prepare each of the following for December 2013:

a. Revenues budget

b. Production budget in units

c. Direct material usage budget and direct material purchases budget

d. Direct manufacturing labour cost budget

e. Manufacturing overhead cost budgets for processing and set-up activities

f. Budgeted unit cost of ending finished goods inventory and ending inventories budget

g. Budgeted income statement.

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