Prepare plan of kitchen design for international competition
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Scope Management Plan (Someone who has experience in project management)

Prepare a Scope Management Plan for Kitchen design for international competition.

There is in the file attachment the general idea about project and there is a link illustrates the work required

Scope Management Plan

Scope Management Plan Document Link: http://www.projectmanagementdocs.com/templates/scope-management-plan.html

No need to reference for this type of paper. You are writing this as if you would submit to your senior management team.

Scope Management Plan Outline

2- Scope Management Approach
3- Roles and Responsibilities
4- Scope Definition
5- Project Scope Statement
6- Work Breakdown Structure
7- Scope Verification
8- Scope Control

Attachment:- Summary_the_General_Idea_about_Project.rar

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