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Please prepare and submit a paper 4 to 5 pages in length

1. In developing required competencies, leaders can select a "make" or " buy" approach. Do you agree that these two approaches -- "make" and 'buy" in regards to developing required competencies are effective? Please explain your position. 

2. In a behavioral simulation, a group of individuals is assigned a complex problem to solve. Please explain the components of a behavioral simulation and provide examples of successful implementation. 

3. The second approach to selection involves what can be thought of as person-organization fit: seeking "congruence," between patterns of organizational values and patterns of individual values, defined here as what an individual values in an organization, such as being team-oriented or innovative. Using theory in practice - please explain this approach. 

4. Using theory in practice - please discuss the concept of person-task fit. Why is this critical to an organization's success?  

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