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The purpose of this assignment is to outline the process you went through to prepare for the sale of Toronto Marlies Tickets, what strategies and tactics you employed in the selling of the tickets, what worked for you, what was unsuccessful and finally how you felt about the experience. Your report should include a pipeline report showing a list of prospects (first names only) and whom you converted to customers with a column for total sales.

The body of your written report should include (but is not limited to) the following areas:

· How did you prepare for the sale of tickets (other than the 2 seminars put on by MLSE)
· What were the results of the homework assignment you were given during the first MLSE training session (list of 5 prospects, Benefit statements for each prospect, questions for each prospect and how the sales experience went with each one)
· Discuss other prospects you will approach and how you acquired their names (note: For privacy reasons you should use first names only in your report)
· Your strategy for approaching your prospects (e-mail, phone, in person etc.) and why you have chosen this medium (or media)
· How you introduced yourself to your prospects (your opening line)
· Provide some of the responses your clients gave you to your questions and benefit statements
· What you did to help the prospects progress to a sale (how did you close the sale)
· Describe several of your sales including your best sale, and what you did to create a positive sales experience
· Describe a customer interaction that was not positive and explain why you think you did not get the sale
· How important was "Communication Style Flexing" to the achievement of your ticket sale goal
· Outline how you employed some of the material we reviewed in class to achieve your sales target
· What "After Sales Service" did you provide your customers (ticket delivery, directions to the game, etc.)
· If you were to start over what would you do differently and/or what would you do the same (and why)
· What was your overall impression of the MLSE ticket sales experience (was it a valuable learning experience and why or why not)

Reference no: EM13939485

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