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Prepare a 2,500-word (excluding tables, figures, and addenda) financial analysis of a chosen company Samsung Electronics a global telecommunications based company and the ticker symbol is Samsung Electronics Co.Ltd. SSNLF.

The analysis will follow the nine-step assessment process introduced below and detailed in Assessing A Company's Future Financial Health.

1. Analysis of Fundamentals: Goals, Strategy, Market, Competitive Technology, Regulatory and Operating Characteristics

2. Analysis of Fundamentals: Revenue Outlook

3. Investments to Support the Business Unit(s) Strategy(ies)

4. Future Profitability and Competitive Performance

5. Future External Financing Needs

6. Access to Target Sources of External Finance

7. Viability of the 3-5 Year Plan

8. Stress Test under Scenarios of Adversity

9. Current Financing Plan As you conduct the analysis, you will research the market for data on your chosen company, including analyst reports and market information.

Disclose all assumptions made in the case study (e.g., revenue growth projections, expense controls) and provide supporting reasons and evidence behind those assumptions.

Finally, in order to assess the long-term financial health of the chosen company, synthesize the research data and outcomes of the nine-step assessment process.


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Samsung is an international company that basically bases its products in electronics. The company produces telecoms equipments, consumer electronics, home appliances and semi conductors. Samsung is a worldwide combination that works in the "White Goods" market sector or the business sector for customer apparatuses and contraptions. The company that is a South Korean family claimed business has worldwide desires and as the late venture into more current markets has demonstrated,Samsung is not content with working in a few markets on the planet however rather, needs to cover whatever number nations as could reasonably be expected.

Hence, the center of this article is on the outer ecological drivers of Samsung's system.The company manufactures a number of devices that incorporated unique hardware that have open sources of operating systems and software’s. This makes Samsung to have a variety of interest in satisfying the human needs. They are also proficient in engineering activities in regards to the products they produce which are the consumer electronics and hardware parts. With this regards, they are ranked the top electronic company in electronic market. In the list of innovation and discovery

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