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Assignment: Genesis Energy Cash Position Analysis

The Genesis Energy operations management team is now preparing to implement the operating expansion plan. Previously, the firm's cash position did not pose a challenge. However, the planned foreign expansion requires Genesis Energy to have a reliable source of funds for both short-term and long-term needs.

One of Genesis Energy's potential lenders tells the team that in order to be considered as a viable customer, Genesis Energy must prepare and submit a monthly cash budget for the current year and a monthly cash budget for the subsequent year. The lender will review the cash budget and determine whether or not Genesis Energy can meet the loan repayment terms. Genesis Energy's ability to repay the loan depends not only on sales and expenses but also on how quickly the company can collect payment from customers and how well it manages its supplier terms and other operating expenses. The Genesis Energy team members agreed that being fully prepared with factual data would allow them to maximize their position as well as negotiate favorable financing terms.

The Genesis Energy management team held a brainstorming session to chart a plan of action, which is detailed here.

• Evaluate historical data and prepare assumptions that will drive the planning process.
• Produce a detailed 2 year cash budget that summarizes cash inflow, outflow, and financing needs.
• Identify and compare interest rates, both short-term and long-term, using debt and equity.
• Analyze the financing mix (short/long) and the cost associated with the recommendation.

Since this expansion is critical to Genesis Energy expanding into new overseas markets, the operations management team has been asked to prepare an executive summary with supporting details for Genesis Energy's senior executives.

Working over a weekend, the management team developed realistic assumptions to construct a working capital budget.

1. Sales: The marketing expert and the newly created customer service personnel developed sales projections based on historical data and forecast research. Please use the sales projections provided in the template. See "Download" in item 1 below.

2. Other cash receipt: Rental income $15,000 per month for Y1 and 20,000 for Y2.

3. Production material: The production manager forecasted material cost based on cost quotes from reliable vendors, the average of which is 45 percent of sales

4. Other production cost: Based on historical cost data, this cost on an average is 30 percent of the material cost and occurs in the month after material purchase

5. Selling and marketing expense: Six percent of sales

6. General and administrative expense: 18 percent of sales

7. Interest payments: $10,000-Payable in December Y1 and $0 payable in December Y2.

8. Tax payments: $15,000-Quarterly due on 1st of April, July, October, and January

9. Minimum cash balance desired: $25,000 per month

10. Cash balance start of month (December): $10,000

11. Available short-term annual interest rate is 8 percent, long-term debt rate is 9 percent, and long-term equity is 10 percent. All funds would be available the first month when the firm encounters a deficit

12. Dividend payment: None

Based on this information, do the following:

1. Using the Cash Budget spreadsheet, calculate detailed company cash budgets for the forthcoming and subsequent year. Summarize the sources and uses of cash, and identify the external financing needs for both the forthcoming and subsequent years.

Download this Excel spreadsheet to view the company's cash budget. You will calculate the company's monthly cash budget for the forthcoming year and quarterly budget for the subsequent year using this information.

2. In an executive-level report, summarize the company's financing needs for the forecast period and provide your recommendations for financing the planned activities. Be sure to comment on the following:

a. Your recommended financing solution and cost to the firm: If Genesis Energy needs operating cash, how should it fund this need? Are there internal policy changes with regard to collections or payables management you would recommend? What types of external financing are available?

b. Your concerns associated with the firm's cash budget. Is this a sign of weak sales performance or poor cost control? Why or why not?

Write a 7-page paper in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

Reference no: EM131446301

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