Prepare and present a summary of the case baker v gilbert

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1. Form a group of between three and five students.

2. Select a case (Case baker v Gilbert 2003 (plaintiff))

3. Select the party you wish to represent ie. Plaintiff or Defendant; or ASIC or Defendant.

5. Research your selected case on Austin.

6. Read and understand your selected case

7. Prepare and present a summary of the case and your selected party's arguments

10 PPT slides in 1000 words

8 Harvard references.

Reference no: EM131214886

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Topic Case baker v Gilbert 2003 ( plaintiff) Need to make ppt of 10 slides. Advise your lecturer by email of your group members and case selected. PLEASE NOTE Lecturer approval is required. You must NOT start on your assignment until your lecturer approves your group and case No approval = Fail. And all members MUST present.

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