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Large Individual Paper Assignment

There is one large individual assignment in the course that must address one of the following topics.

The paper length must be between 18-20 pages and the assignment is due at the end of Week 11.

The student will either:

1) Prepare a paper highlighting the threat that China poses to the United States as regards Cyberwar and theft of Intellectual Property (IP). The student should identify the key issues and recommend an effective strategy for US policy makers.

2) Prepare an analysis of the interconnectedness of cybersecurity, global peace, and the pursuit of commerce. The student should incorporate global ethical, political, social and cultural perspectives in the analysis of the interconnectedness of cybersecurity to society and the pursuit of commerce.

Prepare your paper in Word format.

The citations and the reference list in the paper should be formatted in accordance with APA 6th edition guidelines. References, title page, and table of contents are NOT included in the page count.

Before you submit your paper, you will need to run your assignment through and receive an originality report. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO DO THIS. It might take several hours for to perform this action. Resubmissions can take a day or more. So plan ahead. Please consult the section in the Conference Area for what is expected and for the access information for our class. After your paper meets all of the stated criteria in the posting, submit the paper AND the originality report in your Assignments Folder by the end of Week 11, Sunday 11:59PM U.S. Eastern Time.

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The report has been created according to the APA format. The report throws a great deal of light on the cyber warfare issues in the United States. It discusses the tensions between China and USA because of the cyber espionages that the Chinese hackers are carrying out against American governmental and business organisations. It discusses some of the major intellectual theft cases that have come out in open where a clear role of the Chinese organisations have been identified. The report discusses the cybersecurity issues that exist in the United States which are making it difficult for the government to fight against acts of cyber espionages even after spending billions of dollars every year.

Reference no: EM131018255

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