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Research question consists of a case study: You are a accountant working for White and Associates a public accounting firm. The address the firm is xxx South Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000. The manager of your firm, Mr Paul has asked you to draft a letter in response to an email received from a client - Mr Steven, the managing director of Pacific Ltd, raising a number of issues regarding his company.

Question 1:

The subsequent is a balance sheet for Happy Feet Ltd as at 30 June 2013. On that date the company went into voluntary liquidation.

Happy Feet Ltd

Balance Sheet as at 30th June 2013

Current  Assets



Cash at bank












Non-Current Assets



Plant and Equipment



Less: Accumulated Depreciation












Total Assets






Current Liabilities



Accounts Payable















Share capital



95,000 Shares issued at $1 and called to $0.50



Less: Calls in arrears (5 000 shares at $0.25 each)






Retained Profits






Additional Information:

1. All assets were sold and realized cash of $215,500 and calls in arrears were collected/

2. The cost of liquidation was $3,235 and this was paid in cash to the liquidator.

3. Accounts Payables allowed us a discount of $3,200 and the outstanding debts were paid.

4. The electricity bill or invoice for June 2013 amounted to $675. This was received on 3 July 2013 and was paid by the company. It had not been recorded in the accounts previously.


Using the information above, create the attached general ledger T-accounts      

Question 2:

Prepare Company financial statements question - Torquay Limited

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