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Project Objective: Using the format of a workshop, your group will seek to enhance employee productivity

Your group represents a new committee formed by your organization to assist employees in reaching its full potential within the goals of the organization. For this assignment, your group will perform a 20 minute workshop to employees on a topic (options below) through the organizational behavior context that is, focusing on factors that influence employee behavior. Each group member must be involved in presenting the workshop and provide handouts at the end to the ‘audience'.

Instructions and submissions:

1. Submit a report, 6-8 pages, line spacing 1.5, font size 12, includes:
a. A title page with course, assignment and topic name, due date and names of each project team member.
b. The report should show clear research on topic, application to individuals and organizational elements from an OB perspective.
c. At least 4 references, 2 of which must be from SLC databases. The McShane textbook will not be counted in the list of references.

2. Prepare a written handout for the workshop using a newsletter format (see MS Word Templates). This newsletter should be one page and double-sided.

3. 24 hours before your workshop presentation:
a. Each group member must email a 1 page memo to me ( describing your group experience, the role you played, as well as how you perceived the contributions of others in your group. Include a score of 1-5 for each person in the group, including yourself. Was this a positive experience? What lessons did you learn? What would you do differently if given the chance? Your reflections should relate to what you learned in OB theory.
b. Your project mark may be adjusted accordingly based on the feedback from your peers.

4. You must use PowerPoint/Prezi to deliver the workshop in a professional and well-organized manner with a notes copy to be submitted to the professor in advance of your presentation (Tuesday).

5. Note that a short activity for audience participation is expected.

The following is a list of topic ideas. You may choose one of these, propose a variation or sub-topic, or you may propose something not on this list. Take some time to think about your topic and try to come up with something that all group members will find interesting. Have fun with this project and be creative!
a. How Personality Affects our Behaviour at Work
b. How the MARS Model Explains our Behaviour and Performance
c. Ethical Behaviour in the Workplace
d. Increasing Employee Motivation
e. Workplace Stress
f. Improving our Perceptions
g. Emotions in the Workplace
h. Effective Decision Making
i. Team Communication
j. Self-Directed Teams
k. Resolving Conflict in the Workplace
l. Effective Leadership
m. How to Strengthen Organizational Culture
n. Positive Ways to Influence Others
o. Working in a Diverse Organization
p. Communicating with Effectiveness

Reference no: EM132184743

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Newsletter – summary of relevant information provided in the workshop along with references that the audience can use in the future. 5 References APA format – minimum 4 references at least 2 from SLC database and not including Langton textbook 5 Peer/Individual Feedback submitted 24 hours prior to workshop presentation and follows instructions provided 5 Total /40 points


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Note all submissions must be handed in prior to presentation. A workshop is usually designed to teach, or introduce practical skills, techniques or ideas which participants can use at work. Therefore, it is usually participatory, that is audience may be given tasks. For more information on how to conduct a workshop Rubric Criteria Exceeds expectations Meets expectations Below expectations Workshop Within the time limit, provides a well organized presentation stating objectives and introducing the topic to the audience. Activities used are relevant, useful and engaging. 10 Report Provides clear, relevant research on topic, discussion that provides information to individuals and organizational elements from an OB perspective. 15

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