Prepare a web project on the topic boutique on choice

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Prepare a web project on the topic "BOUTIQUE ON CHOICE"

 'Boutique On Choice' is a link between the virtual and the real world of 'Boutique's'. It provides the person with a detailed list of dresses in several varying designs which would suit the choice of   the person.


1.5 Technology and literature 
1.6 Project Planning 
1.7 Project Scheduling 
1.8 Requirements of the new system 
2.1 Activity process in new system 
2.2 Flow Diagram 
2.2.1 Data flow diagram 
2.3 Class Diagram 
2.4 Sequence Diagram 
2.5 Use Case Diagram 
2.6 Canvas 
2.6.1 Observation Matrix Canvas 
2.6.2 Business Model Canvas 
2.6.3 Product Development Canvas 
2.6.4 Ideation Canvas-I 
2.6.5 Ideation Canvas-II 
2.7 Database/Data Structure Design 
2.7.1 Item_Category 
2.7.2 Item_Designer 
2.7.3 Item_Master 
2.7.4 LogIn 
2.7.5 Order_Details 
2.7.6 Order_Master 
2.7.7 req_details 
2.7.8 Seller_details 
2.7.9 Size_details 
2.7.10 Size_Master
2.7.11 tag_details 
2.7.12 tag_Master 
2.7.13 User_Cart 
2.7.14 User_details 
3.1 Actual Implementation 
3.1.1 Registration Page Code 
3.2 Results 
3.3 Snapshots 
3.3.1 User Side 
3.3.2 Seller Side 
3.4 Testing 
4.1 Summary of the result 
4.2 Advantages of work/results 
4.3 Scope future work 
4.4 Benchmark of our project with existing product 
4.5 Unique features of project 

Academic requirements:

• Your work must be submitted as 4000 words of report
• Project declaration must be completed.
• Your work should be submitted in the formats outlined for each task in the assignment
• The entire assignment brief and completed front sheet must accompany your work.
• All work must be referenced using the Harvard /APA method.
• Provide a reference list 

Reference no: EM131142279

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